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Cialis is a type of medication known as a PDE5 inhibitor that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It comes in several different doses and can be taken either as-needed or daily for erectile dysfunction.


After taking the drug Cialis I had medium success but over the next 12 hours developed several back pain such that I could barely walk. This continued for several days. I took it again a couple of weeks later and the same thing! Have tried again over a period of several years.

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Took 5mg on Saturday for the first time. I suffer from soft erections and premature ejaculation at times. 7 hours after taking had a very hard erection and went two times over 1.5 hours. Partner very happy. Lasted a long time both times. Slight problem reaching ejaculation second time but gave my partner plenty of time to get fully satisfied. No side effects, still working after 48 hours. Very happy.

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I’ve used Viagra. After reading reviews I wanted to try Cialis. Night and day. Cialis is my wonder drug. It works fast. It lasts for days it seems. And I can ejaculate easier than I could with Viagra. And I’m not as rock hard. More natural. She can’t even tell. She thinks I’m a 18 year old stud. Morning wood. No problem. And, I read an article that it can restore your natural erections. I think that is really true!

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Age 80. Tried Cialis 20mg prn for ED with excellent results. Now on 5mg qd with some improvement in urine flow after 1 month. Also good for ED. Also good for libido since it doesn't take much to get going and improved confidence that I can get the job done.

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It works out excellent, and my morning wood is back! My girlfriend loves it and says it looks bigger than the usual, I have an enlarged prostate and Cialis has helped control the urinating frequency as well, now I don't get up 3 or 4 times a night to go pee, I take the 10 mg every other day and I can breath better too! Cause the blood vessels in my lungs get dilated as well and have better blood flow! This drug is amazing, and it lasts longer than Viagra!

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From Zero to Hero. My newly reinvigorated wife calls Cialis "the 8th Wonder of the World!" So, from the Struggle to the Reckoning and everything in between: from Bored, Deplored and Ignored to Lord of the Sword Restored now Adored. She's Floored. I Scored. Hard to Afford yet Cialis wins, Top Shelf Award.

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I have been taking Cialis for a long time. am 55 years old, and have a weekend long distance relationship. Therefore, it was important to me to use a pill that works long. I was satisfied with Cialis - except for the side effects. Now I take the Marathon Weekend pills, work almost as long, but I have no side effects anymore!

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I have been deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m also a smoker at the age 38 I began to see a slow down with my erections. I started with Viagra..gave me incredible erections but no sensitivity and wouldn’t climax. Switched to Cialis and worked wonders. The “Weekender” is exactly that. I didn’t have any of the side effects like I did with viagra. No lower back pains, unless I tried to double dose in the same weekend. I was just trying a variety of magic tricks. I’ve also tried the generic versions of Cialis, a lot of them. They also worked well for me. Like most men, this isn’t something we brag about. I’ll be trying the 5 mg daily dose and will update you on how it works.

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I am 53 and have multiple sclerosis and have been in a wheelchair for 10 years. I got married this year and needed something that would help alleviate my ED problem. I tried Viagra but it has a window that made spontaneity nonexistent. I tried Cialis and all is well. The only problem I’ve found isn’t with the med itself but with the cost associated with it. I get my meds from the VA and they only give me 4 x 20 mg pills a month, I split them into approximately thirds. Now the good stuff- 1/3 of a pill will last @36 hours+ and will work multiple times, full erections that last as needed. I have loss of sensation due to the Multiple Sclerosis so sometimes ejaculating won’t happen every time but the med works as intended. So Cialis, thank you.

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I’m in my 20s on this for BPH symptoms. Works very well, reduced trips to the bathroom in the morning from 3-4 times to just one trip. I’ve been on this medication for 2 months now. In my opinion it’s far superior to flomax for this issue. The added side effect of being able to go round after round in the bedroom is cool as well.

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I take the 5mg generic which cost $33.79 for 90 pills with goodrx coupon along with flomax. I now pee like like a champ and empty my bladder completely. No more waking up 5 times a night. The constant urge to pee has disappeared. Most all my prostatitis symptoms have gone away. Took about a week to feel the full benefits. No side effects that I've noticed except being able to keep my 24 year younger wife happy "anytime". I was truly suffering there for a while.

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First time 5mg and had great erections for 4 days. Very slight headache but it went away. 2 weeks later I take 2.5mg in the morning and later in the evening I took a hot bath. When I got out of the bath my lower back hurt so bad I could hardly stand up. This is the 3rd day and my low back is still ruined. I looked up the side affects and low back pain was right up there. Damn, because this stuff works! But I can't afford to take a week off from work every time I want to make love.

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My Wife is One Happy Camper! Or front yard, back yard, hood of car, etc.

I’m a 53 yr old who was losing full erections. Asked the urologist for some Viagra and he recommended Cialis. I started with 5 mg a day and had unwanted erections all day. Cut my pills in half and loving sex again . Erections rock hard like I was a teenager again! Also increased my urine flow as a bonus. This is a great drug. My Ins pays for most of it but hits me with a $50 copay instead of the usual $20. Money well spent.

Levitra is the most effective ED drug with weakest side effects. All three cause unpleasant side effects that get worse once you pass 60, especially back and leg pain. The side effects are dosage related. Cialis stays in your system for a couple of days and kicks in within 20 minutes of taking. But it has the strongest negative side effects, especially back and leg pain. I also use "gear."Beware OTC meds that contribute to ED, antacids, antihistamines, some NSAIDs, and melatonin. And even one glass of wine or a full stomach can worsen ED, so I like to have sex in the morning or before cocktail hour.

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I have ED for about 8 years and used viagra which didn't help just recently I am using testosterone gel along with cialis and WOW. My erections last 3 days off and on but touch it goes rock hard.

I was prescribed 10mg Cialis for ED. From first taking the tablet at 4pm I did not notice any effect until I woke in the night at about 3am with a really strong erection. In fact I woke up a couple of times each night for the next 2 nights for the same reason. Sex really easy and certainly has done the job! The only side effect was a very mild headache during the night - so mild I didn’t even need paracetamol or anything else. Certainly no side effects during the day. As a result I decided to try halving the dose to see if I could make the tablets go further. I bought a tablet splitter and halved and then quartered the 10mg tablets. Took the quarter tablet every day initially but now alternate days.

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Cialis works great for me. It is more effective than other ED drugs.

Cialis has done great improvement to my sexual life. The best of it is that it does not give you a permanent erection, as Viagra and Levitra did for me, but it goes more with your mood. It means that if you have sexual desire, then it kicks in, giving you a great erection. Once you are in standby, the erection stops. This effect lasts for several days.

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Started dating again after being a single parent to 2 kids for several years. I started dating someone much younger than I. Our first time intimately, I could get it up but not last too long. I told her it's been a while. Went to Dr the next day and got a script for the generic version. I took 10mg before our dinner plans so I knew that would be about 2 hours. The only side-effect happened within minutes of taking the pills which was my face was flush and warm. It went away in a few minutes. Over dinner I had a little anxiety about side-effects but that's the only one I had. We pretty much had sex all night long with a couple of cool-down naps. After sleeping in and some brunch, we had sex the rest of the day. She kept commenting on how hard I was and she couldn't get enough. I still felt the effects after 36 hours. Couldn't believe it. Basically gets hard when you want, not all day.

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The cialis 2.5mg works for me every time. I never thought anything would work but thank goodness.

ED following very high blood pressure and just too much work/stress. Early days on Cialis but so far very promising with no apparent side effects, just able to perform properly again - a great relief! 1 x 5mg per day, 54, 110kgs, reasonable shape.

I'm 56 and have lost the lead in my pencil. I had not had relations with my wife of 30 years for about 2 years. This affliction was combined with Premature ejaculation, which my wife has always hated. I finally got some Cialis (20mg) and Poxet (30mg). Have tried them both and the results were incredible. We are both very happy.

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I was prescibed by a doctor to take cialis 20 mg , ever since them I feel it has been great and I would recommend it to anyone who is not getting results from viagra. Please do consult a doctor though.

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I think it is 2 years now I have been Cialis 5 mg - I split them in half so take 2.5mg. It works very good to me I can make love daily may be more The inventor of cialis must be granted Nobel price.

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It’s amazing on demand wood. 40-45 minute sessions no problem every 6-12 hours, my partner is delighted.

I get the 20mg generic form for $4.20 in Ecuador. Cialis itself is about $10 a pill (20MG) but I am cheap. I break the tab up into 4 and do 5mg at a time. Just started do it today and it works great and even lowered my blood pressure a few points.


I've been using Cialis for about 3 yrs. and I'm now 73. I cut a 20mg tablet into quarters(about 5mg) and take one every 3rd day. I have erections whenever I wish and I feel great. I must say that I sincerely believe that this use makes me way more horny than ever in my life.

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Hi have type 2 diabetes I have ED problem I tried cialis 10mg 1st time it’s not working I didn’t get any side effects only eyes got red.

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On highest dose and not really effective for me at all compared to Viagra. Unable to get hard, except occasionally six hours later, and then only occasionally. Side effects included head ache and back ache. Only marginal improvement over baseline, which would be no medication. Not worth side effects and lack of efficacy.

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Cialis is amazing. I prefer it over levitra and Viagra. I tried everything. Cialis makes you rock hard. Believe me, this is not an ad. I don‘t care what you buy, just my own experience. Side effects, bit of a rush in your face, ear noise, mmm that‘s it.

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My first 10 MG cialis gave a strong and long orgasm. I could not believe it.

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Cialis vs levitra. Cialis 20 mg. Liquid cialis. Cialis professional.

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Cialis tadalafil 20 mg. Cialis pills for sale. Cialis price.

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Started taking cialis for BPH and mild ED. Now I am only waking up 1 or 2 times over night and less frequent bathroom trips during the day. Waking up to morning wood and frequent stirrings during the day. Nice hard erections. This drug works for me with no side effects.

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I have tried Levitra, Viagra and Cialis with limited effect. I went back to my doctor and was referred to a NHS well man clinic and was prescribed Cialis 5 mg daily What a difference. Takes about 5 days to really get into your system but I now wake up with an erection every morning and I can get hard at any time even if I have been drinking alcohol or eating.

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I had been prescribed Levitra Cialis and Viagra all with limited results then went to see a specialist and he put me on 5mg Cialis a day. Took a few days before it kicks in your system but then really starts working and I can now get erect at any time of the day . Best product for me without a shadow of doubt and no side effects.

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I am 68 and have a very sexy mate who is 20 years younger. If we have sex more than once in 48 hours sometimes I need a little help and Cialis works beautifully for me. I can perform just fine twice in 12 hours when using it.

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ED (erectile dysfuntion) kind of hit me out of no where as I was under a lot of pressure at work and Christmas demands were piling up. I was prescribed 20mg tablets so I cut one in half and later that night my wife and I were getting busy and again it went from full mast to nothing. Frustratingly I took the second half and went to sleep. Later that night I woke up for the first time in a while with a hard one and then again in the morning I had my old friend morning wood back. I went to work that day and had a few erections so by the time I got home I wanted to try again and boy did it ever kick in. We finished up and an hour later I was ready to go again. This stuff is powerful but may take a but for the first dose to kick in.

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I have mild ED as I am also Type 2 Diabetic (fairly well controlled). Talked to my doctor about Viagra and tried it. Did not like the headache, but did improve my erection greatly. He then suggested Cialis and I take 10mg on Friday and 10Mg on Saturday and it works great. My wife is delighted. Quick erection onset, very hard and no performance issues at all. Would give it a 10, but does give you a slightly stuffy nose and slight headache. Otherwise, I recommend it completely.

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I have been prescribed Cialis daily (5mg) for a week now. It has been excellent. I have had rock hard erections anytime my partner and I want to have sex. The fantastic thing about the daily dose is that I do not have to anticipate when my partner and I want some fun. I was previously on viagra which was effective but just didn’t last and it’s a bit of a passion killer if you need to tell your partner to wait an hour until it kicks in. I have managed to get this on the NHS as I am on medications which cause ED. I would definitely recommend.

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I’m 57 years old, and started having mild ED about 2 years ago. My wife has been very understanding and supportive about the whole thing, until I finally decided to try Cialis. I started with the 25 mg “weekend” dose and although it worked wonders, I had a pretty bad headache and leg pains for about 3-5 days. I decided to lower the dose to 5 mg Monday through Friday and the headaches lessened about 75%, but the leg pains still weren’t getting better, especially my right ankle (I had a surgery on that same ankle decades ago). The back didn’t bother me too much, just the legs, felt tired all the time, especially at night. One month later I stopped Cialis because I was undergoing sinus surgery. I didn’t take Cialis for 2 weeks. Leg pains were gone. Today I took only a 2.5 mg tablet and an ankle pain flared up. I honestly don’t know if there is any relationship between Cialis and my ankle pain, time will tell.

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I have been using cialis and realised that if I drink any amount of alcohol before take the pill it has no effect at all. Twice I had 2 glasses of wine before and saw no results from the cialis, only side effects.This product just work if I take it with empty stomach and no other substances mixed. If I take on an empty stomach I can drink a bit of alcohol one hour later without it affecting the cialis effects. Is anyone had the same experience? Same happens with Viagra, once I drink or took drugs first no effects at all.

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I'm 38 and physically healthy but unfortunately take antidepressants which destroyed my sex drive (and kept me depressed haha) but Cialis works great as you don't need to time anything, just get aroused a little bit and I'm ready to go. Erections aren't as solid as with Viagra in my experience but I also don't feel like I'm tripping on LSD either. Since starting I've been getting some pretty massive headaches and today day 3 feeling more than normal joint pains. I took no more than 10mg per the first 2 days so I'm hoping I can get the 5mg daily dose and see if that helps with the side effects. Great drug nonetheless.

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I am 57 years old and I sometimes suffer from ED. Sometimes I get an erection and then it goes away. It's embarrassing. Tried Cialis and I liked the results. Harder and longer erections, more time to please your partner. It works! It can also jump-start your sex-life. Sometimes there is a negative side-effect such as back and joint pains. A Tylenol should help relieve that.

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I fax my prescription to a a Canadian pharmacy and receive a 90 day supply. It is a generic and cost $30 per month. It works tremendously well as I found out when I ran out for a month. Now after a few days back on it I’m doing great again. I’m taking it for BPH but in helps me to have a stronger erection that lasts to climax. No side effects that I notice. I’m in my early sixties. I tried Flonase but it made things worse for me.

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I was taking the daily 5 mg dose, initially to see if it helped with my BPH symptoms and ED. We found it did virtually nothing to improve my BPH symptoms, but also that it was the only dose my insurance would cover and only if it was prescribed for BPH and NOT for ED! (Go figure!) I continued for about 4 years on 5 mg daily. During that same timeframe, I started experiencing brutal lower back pain during the night, causing sleep loss, and getting out of bed and standing in the morning became almost excruciating. At 68 y/o, I thought it was just age catching up with me. Well, when I recently ran out, I decided to take a break, partly for financial reasons and partly because I wasn't experiencing enough benefits in the ED to justify the pricey copays. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE and delight, my severe back pain disappeared completely in only a few days! What a hard learned lesson! (no pun intended!)

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This is the first time I tried it. I’m 61. It took about an hour to work. I was nice and hard and appeared larger like old times. I was able to last a solid 30 minutes and could have gone longer.

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67 yr old man. Long time Viagra user while married. Worked well within its limitations (empty stomach, etc). Divorced and no sex for 2.5 years. Went to Cialis 5mg daily since I started dating again. Good results with few side effects. I should mention I experience upper leg pain and I stopped. After a few days I went back to 5mg daily and no leg pain. Body adjustment I guess. I kept a log for three months. Here are my recommendations. Cialis 5mg daily. Cialis 20mg if you're expecting sex. Cialis 5mg might be enough but 20mg is amazing. That said, if you have psych issues causing problems, I tried 100mg Viagra with Cialis 5mg until they're resolved.

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Utilized this medication at 20mg with a history of being able to get about 70% hard sometimes and penis will go flaccid during intercourse usually before orgasm. This caused anxiety and inevitably would lead to a self fulfilled prophecy of sometimes not being able to perform. Took 20mg an hour before going out and literally was able to have multiple sessions throughout the course of the night and acheive fully hard erections each time. This medication worked very well for me, the issue of ED arose after I gained a considerable amount of weight and so now I am happy with the results.

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For those who said it did not work for them - remember that when you are fighting a war and you have a hero warrior do not leave him to fight the whole war for you, give him some help. i hope you understand what i mean, beside taking medications also be careful of what you eat, do some at least cardio , keep you body moving, take multi vitamins, be careful with drinks, smokes, if you do those you will notice a super good experience when taking cialis etc.

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Works great on BPH ,doctor switches every 6 months from flomax and 6 months on Cialis .That way body don't get adjusted to one are the other. Side effects can be bothersome but worth it, cutback dosage to half every other day. Able sleep all night without going to bathroom often. Works great.

tadalafil side effects

Age 54. Started experiencing inconsistent erections and overall less rigidity a couple years ago. Overall good health and my T results are normal range. Likely stress from job and marriage breakdown combined. Made me anxious about performance, especially dating someone brand new after long term marriage break-up. Talked to my doc. He suggested Cialis. It’s simply brilliant! In a relationship now with a woman almost 20 years younger and we enjoy long intimate sessions for as long as we like and up to 3 times in a day when we are on vacation. Wonderful!

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Prior to taking cialis getting and maintaining an erection was virtually nonexistent. Cialis brought it all back at the age of 62. Long, thick steel hard erections and works anytime in the 72 hours. It is brought on by the usual foreplay with my wife. Plus multiple spontaneous nocturnal erections during the same time period. Was prescribed 20 mg but cut it to 10 mg after getting leg pain as a side effect. The 10 mg was just as effective as the 20 mg for the desired effect of getting a hard erection. My wife's reaction speakers volumes of our rekindled sex life. Try it, it works!

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Got prescription from doc, couple of pills very expensive ! Bought some online, equally effective. Take 5mg each day, erection only when stimulated, very hard and at my full length. Can perform for as long as I (and my wife) want, Am 68 and it's great. Great drug, happy and smiling wife, happy man.